U.S. Spray Foam Rentals – A successful project in Iowa

By | December 8, 2014

Our team was contacted by another customer looking to save money on their spray foam project. This customer needed to insulate his newly constructed pole barn in Iowa.
After speaking with our estimating team and getting a foam rental estimate, this Iowa farmer decided that our spray foam rental service was the perfect fit for his project.
The building we were insulating is going to be used as a space for semi trucks to wash out after livestock is delivered to its location.
This project lasted two days. Our spray foam insulation rental equipment insulated the exterior walls of this Iowa farm building with 2″ of closed cell spray foam. 2 sets of foam were applied quickly. This first time sprayer picked up the spray gun and after a training course was applying foam like a pro within the first hour!
The walls of this pole barn were extremely high so a mechanical scissor lift was used to get the applicators up to the correct height.
After the project was complete, our customer was very happy with our foam insulation rental service and mentioned he would be calling us again to insulate his next project.
Call us if your are looking for spray foam insulation rental equipment in Iowa or any other part of the country. We can be reached at 636-675-3330 or click on the contact page and fill out your project details.