Spray Foam Rental Project – Ohio

By | October 22, 2014

Our spray foam insulation equipment recently completed a project in Cleveland, Ohio.

The customer who owns a machine shop needed to insulate and air seal an exterior window wall which contained many air leaks and very little thermal value. This area was costing our customer thousands of dollars per month to condition the space for a comfortable work environment.

After speaking with our estimating department, it was determined that closed cell spray foam insulation was the best product to properly insulate and air seal the exterior windows. 1″ of closed cell spray foam was applied at a total square footage of over 9,000 sq. ft.

Our spray foam rental equipment insulated this building in Ohio in less than 2 days! Roughly 3 sets were applied by this first time installer after he was trained on proper foam application methods.

If you are interested in a spray foam insulation rental equipment solution and you are located in Ohio… We are your partner to help save you money and effectively complete your project.

Please call us at (636) 675-3330 or click here for a spray foam rental estimate.