Spray Foam Insulation Rental Project Complete! – Indiana

By | December 19, 2014

U.S. Spray Foam Rentals just returned from a project in Indiana.

Our spray foam rental equipment was used to insulate two agricultural buildings on a large farm in Indiana. These buildings were previously in bad shape. Once the structural issues were addressed, it was time to insulate. That’s the fun part!

This was a two day project. On the first day, our customer insulated the exterior walls and ceiling of a metal building with open cell spray foam insulation. Our foam insulation rental equipment quickly applied 3″ of foam to all of the walls and 5″ of foam to the underside of the roof deck. Our high output spray foam equipment helped by speeding up the install process. Nearly all of the building was insulated within one day.

During the second day another building was insulated. This building holds water storage tanks and needed to be properly insulated to keep them from freezing. No better product to do this with than spray foam! The exterior walls and ceiling in this building were insulated as well.

After the work was complete our customer mentioned how excited he was to have the buildings properly insulated. He will be even more excited to see his lower energy bills!