What will my project cost?

In order to provide you with an accurate estimate we need to have the following details about your project:

  • Total square footage of the areas you are looking to insulate. (For example – 3400 sq. ft. of walls and 2800 sq. ft. of ceiling space.)
  • Next, we will need to know the exact location of your project.
  • Finally, we need to know what type of foam you are looking to install and your ideal material depth.

If you would like an immediate quote for our spray foam rental services, please contact us now and an estimator will begin to put together an estimate ASAP. We can also be reached at (636) 399-1569.

How far does U.S. Spray Foam Rentals travel?

We travel throughout the United States with our spray foam rental equipment. If you think your project is too far from us… Guess again! Our foam rental rigs are designed to travel long distances and we have provided services as far as 1,800 miles from our home base.

What type of foam material should I install on my project?

There are numerous types of spray foam insulation materials available today. The most common applied are open and closed cell. The main differences between the two are cost and performance.

Open cell spray foam

Open cell spray foam is the workhorse of the spray foam industry. This material is quickly applied, has high r-values per inch and is an excellent air sealant. In addition to these benefits, open cell foam is fairly inexpensive in regard to material cost.

Closed cell spray foam

Closed cell spray foam is a specialized material that carries an extremely high r-value. It acts as its own vapor barrier and is water resistant. Closed cell foam takes slightly longer to install compared to open cell and is a bit higher on the pricing scale.

What depths of foam are typically installed?

Open cell: 3 – 16 inches depending on performance requirements and application.

Closed cell: 1 – 8 inches depending on performance requirements and application.

How long will my foam rental installation take?

Typically, after being trained by our onsite technician, a installer using our spray foam rental equipment for the first time can spray roughly 1 – 1.5 sets of open cell foam or 1.5 – 2.5 sets of closed cell foam per 9 hour day. This can very depending on application specifics.

What protection gear will I need?

Tyvek suit, long cuff rubber gloves and protective footwear. We will provide you with respirator equipment. All mentioned protection equipment can be purchased at your local hardware store.

What work should be completed prior to our arrival?

We require that all prep work be completed prior to our arrival. This includes plastic coverings on all windows, doors and belongings in close proximity to foam installation areas. Please keep in mind that its best to have all areas cleared of clutter prior to our arrival.

Are there temperature requirements to apply foam insulation?

Our company sprays foam throughout the year. We have foams that are designed to be applied in cold and warm climates! Don’t let the weather outside prevent you from improving your energy efficiency inside!