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Our spray foam rental service also caters to residential customers!

Here’s a picture of one of our most recent residential projects completed utilizing our spray foam rental service. Our customer installed 3″ of closed cell spray foam to the underside of their roof deck. Closed cell foam was needed in this area as they plan to use this area as a conditioned living space.

Our company helps customers save on residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural spray foam projects!

Customer reports fantastic results after insulating his building with our spray foam rental equipment!

This picture show’s the customer in the process of insulating the metal building. As you can see closed cell foam has been applied to the left side of the building and the right side was insulated next. Overall, 4 sets of closed cell spray foam was sprayed in 2 short days. Our customer mentioned that our price was half that of the local contractors for the same scope of work!

The goose neck rig… Our newest addition to our rental equipment fleet!

Goose neck rental rig

Our team has added an exciting new piece of rental equipment to our fleet!

Recently, we acquired and custom built a new 32 foot goose neck spray foam rig. This rig was a project that required a lot of preliminary thought and design.
Our team knows that saving money on spray foam applications is paramount to our customers. That’s why we needed to design and build a mobile spray foam rig that was capable of carrying a large amount of material and getting it to our clients quickly. And that’s just what we did!
Our crew first picked up the empty rental trailer and brought it back to our home base in St. Louis. Then once the trailer arrived at our shop it was time to go to work!

The first task was to insulate the interior of the trailer with spray foam insulation. Closed cell spray foam was applied to the ceiling, walls and underside of the trailer. This helps keep materials at specific temperatures which is important when spraying foam quickly and effectively in any environment.
After the foam was applied, electrical, framing and interior finishes went in. Now, the once empty trailer was starting to look like a spray foam rig!
Finally, the fun stuff… A high output Exp-2 spray foam machine was installed making up the heart of the new goose neck rig. After the foam machine was in place we installed an 80 gallon Ingersoll Rand air compressor and new Graco T-1 transfer pumps to push the material from the drums to the machine.
Finally, we added 210 feet of spray foam hose to the newly built goose neck rental rig to ensure we can apply foam wherever its needed.
After a couple of weeks of hard work, we had a heavy duty, road ready, spray foam rental rig that is capable of completing any job our customers may present us with!

Contact us now to see how our new goose neck rig can help you complete your project on time and well under the cost of hiring a local contractor!

Save money this season using our spray foam rental service!

Spring is the time of year when construction really begins to pick back up. Well U.S. Spray Foam Rentals is here to help you save money on your next foam insulation project.

Our company has seen an increase in work, as the industry begins to recognize the benefits of spray foam insulation. The U.S. Spray Foam Rental rigs have been traveling the country for years now and spring is our busiest time of the year. Don’t worry, just because everyone is busy… we can still accommodate you!

Our company has assembled multiple foam rental rigs to make sure we can get to your project when you need us most. At this time of year we also build our inventory to ensure the rigs are ready to be loaded with fresh material when the time comes to hit the road!

If you are interested in applying spray foam insulation in your home or building dont hesitate to give us a call. Our estimating department is ready to help you pick the correct product for your application and quickly provide you with an estimate. Please click on the “Contact” tab in the menu bar and fill in the form. Our team will get in touch with you ASAP to help!

Talk to you soon!

U.S. Spray Foam Rentals – Kentucky Home Insulated!

Our spray foam insulation rental equipment just returned from a project in Kentucky.

Our customer contacted us and was interested in installing closed cell foam. Because this was an older home, spray foam insulation was going to be the best fit. The existing walls were framed with 2×4’s and over the years had began to sag and settle.

This is where spray foam really shines.

Foam insulation will enter all cracks and voids and seal them shut.  Spray foam will encapsulate all wiring, electrical boxes and plumbing pipes. This is something fiberglass insulation can not do. In many older homes, spray foam is the only realistic way to insulate.

On this foam insulation rental project, our customer chose to insulate his home with 3″ of closed cell spray foam. This amount of closed cell stops nearly 96% of the energy attempting to travel through it. Along with the excellent thermal properties, 3″ of closed cell foam will act as a vapor barrier and improve the structural strength of the home.

Our happy customer applied 2 sets of closed cell foam in roughly 2 days. He mentioned that he saved thousands of dollars compared the estimates he had received from the local contractors.

Spray Foam Insulation Project Completed in Maine!

U.S. Spray Foam Rentals just recently returned from a project in Bass Harbor, Maine!

This trip was one of the most beautiful trips we have worked on as of yet. The homeowners were an absolute pleasure to work with and we made it out of the Northeast just before the historic storm hit. Couldn’t ask for more!

The home that our spray foam rental equipment insulated was located directly on the water in Bass Harbor, Maine. Because of the location of the home it was critical to insulate the structure properly. This home is constantly subjected to high winds and extremely cold temperatures. The homeowner mentioned that at times there can be wind gusts in excess of 50+ MPH. So the home owner made the right choice by selecting spray foam insulation, that’s for sure!

This spray foam rental project consisted of 3 days of spraying. The first 2 days were spent applying closed cell foam to the roof deck. This created a strong thermal barrier as well as helping the building with structural strength. The final day we sprayed the previously installed closed cell with a coat of open cell to help soundproof the building. After this was completed, we finished by spraying the basement ceiling with 8″ of open cell foam.

This home already has ICF exterior walls and with the new spray foam rental application will be an extremely efficient home!

Spray Foam Insulation Rental Project Complete! – Indiana

U.S. Spray Foam Rentals just returned from a project in Indiana.

Our spray foam rental equipment was used to insulate two agricultural buildings on a large farm in Indiana. These buildings were previously in bad shape. Once the structural issues were addressed, it was time to insulate. That’s the fun part!

This was a two day project. On the first day, our customer insulated the exterior walls and ceiling of a metal building with open cell spray foam insulation. Our foam insulation rental equipment quickly applied 3″ of foam to all of the walls and 5″ of foam to the underside of the roof deck. Our high output spray foam equipment helped by speeding up the install process. Nearly all of the building was insulated within one day.

During the second day another building was insulated. This building holds water storage tanks and needed to be properly insulated to keep them from freezing. No better product to do this with than spray foam! The exterior walls and ceiling in this building were insulated as well.

After the work was complete our customer mentioned how excited he was to have the buildings properly insulated. He will be even more excited to see his lower energy bills!

U.S. Spray Foam Rentals – A successful project in Iowa

Our team was contacted by another customer looking to save money on their spray foam project. This customer needed to insulate his newly constructed pole barn in Iowa.
After speaking with our estimating team and getting a foam rental estimate, this Iowa farmer decided that our spray foam rental service was the perfect fit for his project.
The building we were insulating is going to be used as a space for semi trucks to wash out after livestock is delivered to its location.
This project lasted two days. Our spray foam insulation rental equipment insulated the exterior walls of this Iowa farm building with 2″ of closed cell spray foam. 2 sets of foam were applied quickly. This first time sprayer picked up the spray gun and after a training course was applying foam like a pro within the first hour!
The walls of this pole barn were extremely high so a mechanical scissor lift was used to get the applicators up to the correct height.
After the project was complete, our customer was very happy with our foam insulation rental service and mentioned he would be calling us again to insulate his next project.
Call us if your are looking for spray foam insulation rental equipment in Iowa or any other part of the country. We can be reached at 636-675-3330 or click on the contact page and fill out your project details.

Spray Foam Rental Project – Ohio

Our spray foam insulation equipment recently completed a project in Cleveland, Ohio.

The customer who owns a machine shop needed to insulate and air seal an exterior window wall which contained many air leaks and very little thermal value. This area was costing our customer thousands of dollars per month to condition the space for a comfortable work environment.

After speaking with our estimating department, it was determined that closed cell spray foam insulation was the best product to properly insulate and air seal the exterior windows. 1″ of closed cell spray foam was applied at a total square footage of over 9,000 sq. ft.

Our spray foam rental equipment insulated this building in Ohio in less than 2 days! Roughly 3 sets were applied by this first time installer after he was trained on proper foam application methods.

If you are interested in a spray foam insulation rental equipment solution and you are located in Ohio… We are your partner to help save you money and effectively complete your project.

Please call us at (636) 675-3330 or click here for a spray foam rental estimate.