U.S. Spray Foam Rentals – Kentucky Home Insulated!

By | May 26, 2015

Our spray foam insulation rental equipment just returned from a project in Kentucky.

Our customer contacted us and was interested in installing closed cell foam. Because this was an older home, spray foam insulation was going to be the best fit. The existing walls were framed with 2×4’s and over the years had began to sag and settle.

This is where spray foam really shines.

Foam insulation will enter all cracks and voids and seal them shut.  Spray foam will encapsulate all wiring, electrical boxes and plumbing pipes. This is something fiberglass insulation can not do. In many older homes, spray foam is the only realistic way to insulate.

On this foam insulation rental project, our customer chose to insulate his home with 3″ of closed cell spray foam. This amount of closed cell stops nearly 96% of the energy attempting to travel through it. Along with the excellent thermal properties, 3″ of closed cell foam will act as a vapor barrier and improve the structural strength of the home.

Our happy customer applied 2 sets of closed cell foam in roughly 2 days. He mentioned that he saved thousands of dollars compared the estimates he had received from the local contractors.