A Main Component of Spray Foam Rental Equipment: The Proportioner

By | December 11, 2013

A spray foam insulation rental machine is a complex and integrated network of components creating a complete unit that must operate with remarkable continuity.

One of the most important components of this system is the proportioner.

This component controls the heat and pressure of the polyurethane material. Our rental rigs use a Graco E-XP2 proportioner. This is the heart of our spray foam insulation rental equipment. Making quality foam takes years of experience and a sufficient amount of knowledge about the material you are spraying. In order to make quality foam, the polyurethane material needs to be heated to a specified temperature and must be applied at a specific pressure. The E-XP2 allows us to have complete control over the temperature and pressure of the A and B side Chemicals. The E-XP2 is equipped with two 16,000-kilowatt heaters, which heat the material before sending it down the line. The maximum output of the E-XP2 is 2 gallons per minute and a maximum pressure of 3,500 psi. The E-XP2 is an exceptional machine which gives the applicator the ability to be able to spray a project of any size.

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