U.S. Spray Foam Rentals: We offer onsite training.

By | December 28, 2013

When renting spray foam insulation equipment, its important that you know what your doing. Part of our service is an onsite training course to show the customer how to properly apply spray foam insulation.

When our rental technician first arrives, we meet with you and walk through your project. This helps us plan the easiest and most efficient approach to completing your project.

Once the project has been walked, we then have our rental installer suit up with their safety gear. Once the installer is safety compliant, we go through some important safety topics and scenarios. The rental installer is then shown how to properly and safely operate the spray gun.

Once the basics of the gun operation are completed, we then instruct the rental installer on how to properly apply the foam. We cover techniques which will increase install speed and help produce a more consistent end product.

After the installer feels they are ready to begin spraying, we then hand over the gun and the rental technician goes back to the trailer to monitor the spray foam rental equipment operation.

At U.S. Spray Foam Rentals we not only rent you the professional spray foam equipment… We show you how to spray just like the pros!

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