U.S. Spray Foam Rentals – Project Complete in Florida.

By | July 15, 2014

On this project, our spray foam rental equipment was used to insulate two metal buildings on a rural blueberry farm in Florida.

Our customer elected to spray 5″ of open cell spray foam insulation on this project.

The first day, we sprayed the roof deck of an existing horse stable. The building had a metal roof installed which made installing 5″ of open cell spray foam a good economical fit. This building will be used as a conditioned wine tasting and gathering area.

The second day consisted of spraying a metal building that will be used as a cooler for blueberry storage and wine making. Our spray foam rental rig insulated this building in less than 9 hours. The exterior walls and the entire roof deck were sprayed with 5″ of open cell. This encapsulated the entire building making it extremely efficient and airtight. The property owner will be covering the foam with a wall finishing system once the cleanup is complete.

The entire project in Florida was completed in roughly 1.5 days. The customer was very happy with our service and mentioned that we saved him a few thousand dollars on his project. Once again, our spray foam insulation rental service saved another happy customer money!

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