Foam Insulation Rental Equipment… Spraying foam when its cold.

By | December 1, 2013

Now that its getting cold outside, a common question that is asked of us is… “When is it too cold to spray using your foam insulation rental equipment?”

Our spray foam insulation rental equipment is designed to perform under the most harsh of weather conditions.

A large factor when spraying foam insulation properly is controlling temperatures. Our foam insulation rental machine is enclosed within a temperature controlled trailer. Our trailer is insulated with closed cell spray foam. This makes it easy for our crew to keep materials at recommended temperatures which is critical to producing quality foam and maintain good yields.

Another key component of spraying good foam with our spray foam insulation rental rig, is applying the correct material. Our material supplier produces a special “blend” of spray foam that lets us apply foam all the way down to 5 degrees! Winter blend is in both open cell spray foam and closed cell foam products.

So as you can see our foam insulation rental equipment can help you save money on your project throughout the year!

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